New restrictions in our church
March 3, 2021

Restrictions in our church: 10 people maximum (including children) with a distance of 2 meters between people


Dear parishioners!

We only have a capacity of 10 people maximum (including children) in our church, taking into account the distance 2 meters between people . We ask you to take this into account if you wish to come to the panikhida, evening service and liturgy.

Our church follows the directions and guidelines of the Ontario and York region.

During the coronavirus pandemic, and for everyone’s safety, please observe the following:

✓ All people entering the church will have their temperature taken
✓ All parishioners must wear mask
✓ Please refrain from kissing the cross and icons
✓ Do not kiss the clergy’s hands
✓ Stay in your designated spot
✓ Keep your distance – 6 feet minimum (about 2 meters)
✓ Refrain from bodily contact with others
✓ Candles will be placed for you by the church staff.